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Thread: Helicopter Crashes

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    Question Helicopter Crashes

    I've been looking around the net for a while now about aviation faults we keep commiting. I've noticed we are pretty much the only mmilitary force that keeps of crashing their helos.
    Wikipedia post below:-
    List of aviation accidents and incidents in the War in Afghanistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Im not sure if it's because of the size of our fleet compared to other countries or wether our airmen are at fault. I constantly see videos of what looks like lousy flying, whether it be crashing into eachother or low RPM of the blades, I notice this sort of stuff almost never happens in other military's. And why is it we are mainly the ones commiting blue on blue. For example the A10 on the british convoy that happened a few years ago.

    Over here in the UK, we are always (well not always) tallking about how the British are more skilled and get better military training in all ways, like the SAS training American special forces and the RAF being more skilled etc. Im begining to think that with our record, it's true.

    We have better equipment but is it true we are less skilled?

    Thank you for all your answers in advance...

    I am currently living in London, I'm Both a British and US citizen.
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    Hey flymil, Good questions, My pop was a Black Hawk Driver in the Army and ARNG,Pop has been in some hairy spots and he's a damn good pilot. I work with pilots in Ops and in the shop everyday with the Pilots and machanics and see first hand why we're the best. I'm 15 pa pa Aviation Operator, know this my man, there is no lousy Army NightStalker Pilots, you need to keep in mind, that we log in the most Aviation flight hours known to man and almost twice the almount of flight hours then any other Army in the world, it some of the most difficult terrain on the planet. We fly into some very hard, nasty, harsh, tight hot spots, in some bum hole part of the world where people have no business being, let alone pilots..

    example, a team on 12/ 11/2001 in the Tora Bora mountain range went after a High Value Target, shit happens and they moved to plan B, with the target in hand and the team of troopers on the fly, the pilot tried to back square into a ledge using only moon light and feel as a guide and bailed, to tough...The pilot looked for another spot where the team can make their exfil and he locked into another ledge and the troopers we're able to exfil out safely...All The Team Warrior Mentors said, it was the best damn flying they have ever seen because most agreed the last time troopers tried a stunt like that, the team never made it.. more examples- The Night operations in Iran, trying to take out the Iranians holding the US hostages and the desert storm that followed. The birth of Counter terrorism Teams..

    How about "Black Hawk Down" the NightStalkers flying Operations with the Airborne Rangers Blocking Force and the 1st -D Delta Ugly. How about the Assaulters on the island of granada (Heart break ridge) and Gunny highway, where the Long Range Recon Marines saved the college students and Doctors. That Operation was the birth of the Army Airborne Nightstalkers working hand and hand with the Long Range Recon Marines. You know about these missions? right.

    Not counting the Army fly boys in Army Aviation GSAB's. Flymil, every one works on the equipment and has their jobs, there's good reason why everyone wants to reclass into a flight Crew Teams. All for good reasons, Crew Chief, Infantry, Flight Crew Gunner Teams, I'm in a blackhawk battalion and work with 15's on a daily basis. The 15's that go to flight companys are the ones who are first and foremost competent mechanics and have proven themselves, and worked their way into a Flight Crew. it is hard to get into a flight company but easy to get sent back to the maintence companys for APFT failures, ect. We're the best. High speed jobs demand more risk, plain and simple...

    Balls to the wall, my man.
    Army (USASOC) Airborne Rangers, SF and -D Ugly / Marines / Air Force PJ's, Navy, Seal Team Pilots are the best trained, best pilots and teams in the world. That's why we train the worlds Allied Command down here @ HAAF-

    There it is. Booyah...

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