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    My first MOS was light weapons airborne infantry, in winter of 66 I was at jump school at Fort Benning. On jump qualifications day I jumped five times from these C-119s, unfortunately I just happened to be numerically lined up in my squad to have to sit with my back against the left side engine. Man this thing was so loud and shaking and vibrating when it was time to jump you were more than happy to get out!!

    After each jump we trucked back to the hangar area where there were round sand boxes big enough for the entire squad and we would sit there for a few hours waiting for the next jump. It was like an assembly line with so many people waiting and jumping.
    The thing I remember most about sitting there in the sand box was that there was a PX pizza truck that was allowed to stop and sell pizza and coke, so we all gorged on pizza and coke but I honestly don't remember anyone getting sick. My first jump I was the last in the stick of course and by the time I got to the door the jump-master pulled me back and told me to sit down, they had ran out of lz and had I jumped I would have been walking. The thing that bothered me was my buddies probably thought I chickened out! turns out no one even knew the plane turned around and made a one man jump, I have to admit the first time I saw those pine tops out the door it was a little scary but I liked it, much better than those forty foot towers.

    Sleep Tight, your Air Force is awake tonight!

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