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  1. What would you do if tomorrow you were named the president of the US.
  2. Yemen
  3. Mayor Shelia Dixon
  4. War Tactics
  5. Preident Obama and Nobel Peace Prize
  6. This is what we have become
  7. How many troops are available?
  8. 2009 Mission Goals
  9. Obama's war - A must see
  10. amred forces false advertisment
  11. Obama supporting usa
  12. Obama Speeches in West Point and Oslo...
  13. Health Care Summit
  14. Wall Street Reform/ Past and Current President
  15. Obama to limit the Deployment of Nuclear arms...even in self-defense.
  16. Universal Health Care Explained
  17. Iran
  18. What do you think??
  19. Mosque at zero discussion.
  20. Thai Redshirt protestor taken down by military sniper.
  21. The Forgotten Man
  22. Is he correct?
  23. Please vote!
  24. Tell your Senator to ACT on the 9-11 First Responder's Healthcare Bill
  25. Must see declassified military documents
  26. Tattooing in the Military
  27. BP-Rosneft deal: Russia takes 5pc stake in BP, raises trust fears
  28. Your opinion of Guantánamo Bay
  29. My Opinion of Guantanamo
  30. Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising
  31. The US Politics
  32. Court: Stolen Valor Act Unconstitutional
  33. The politics section
  34. 2012 Defense Budget
  35. British/Irish Political Leaders Meet on French-German counterbalance in Europe
  36. US Congressional Actions
  37. Senate panel blocks funding for major military projects in Pacific
  38. OBama to cut defense spending
  39. Congress and the POTUS
  40. Herman Cain - Your thoughts?
  41. The ‘Stan: An officer’s unvarnished view
  42. A message on Memorial Day to all military men and women!
  43. How to beat the Taliban in Afghanistan / Pakistan (and win the war on terror)
  44. Gun Control
  45. A Question of Funds
  46. Make it Easier to Fire VA Duds
  47. Pink Slips for Personnel in Combat