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The EUNAVFOR Somalia operation (ATALANTA) was launched in December 2008. It is the EU’s first naval crisis management operation. Its objective is to increase the safety of Somalia’s coastal waters by protecting humanitarian shipments and other sea traffic in the area, and by creating with its presence and surveillance a deterrent to reduce piracy.

ATALANTA consists of military vessels and their crews and air surveillance capacity.

Finland’s participation

Four Finnish soldiers are participating in the operation. Their service location is the operation’s headquarters in Northwood, England.
© Puolustusvoimat, Försvarsmakten, The Finnish Defence Forces

The operation rotation of the FNS Pohjanmaa has lasted half of its designated time.
The main tasks have included inspecting suspicious vessels and escorting the
World Food Programme as well as African Union AMISOM shippings in the Somalian waters.
Everything has gone quite smoothly so far taken to account that we are far from a naval power
and this is first time Finland has ever participated in this sort of operation.

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FNS pohjanmaa in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FNS_Pohjanmaa)

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Good.stuff Torps... the piracy issue is out of hand in the channels of Somalia and also the molaca straights of Malaysia... Captain Jack would be proud.. lol.. or not...

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Hmh they had to let the pirates loose. it seems its really hard to get any one country to accept thease criminals exept those with the death penalty... which we cant count as legimite drop points.

atleast the pirate boat burned well..

European Union Naval Force Somalia - Operation Atalanta | EUNAVFOR destroys dhow from Pirate Action Group (http://www.eunavfor.eu/2011/04/eunavfor-destroys-dhow-from-pirate-action-group/)

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Foreign ministers agree to expand to Seychelles, stay to end of 2010

European Union foreign ministers agreed June 15 to extend an anti-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia until the end of 2010.

The ministers, meeting in Luxembourg, also approved an earlier decision to extend the geographical scope of Operation Atlanta to the Seychelles, which has experienced an upsurge in pirate attacks on merchant shipping.

Operation Atlanta, which was launched last December, was originally mandated to run until the end of this year.

Today's agreement follows a decision by NATO defense ministers last week to send a separate mission of up to eight warships to the Horn of Africa.

The joint EU operation consists of eleven warships, two supply ships and two spotter planes from the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Greece.

Since the operation was launched, the EU warships have detained over 50 suspected pirates who have been handed over to the Kenyan authorities under a deal agreed upon in March.
I want to knwo what can we do.

Grunt Medic TXARNG
04-30-2011, 04:43 PM
What we can do? Use our air and surface assets to surveil the area, and set up Global Hawks or similar with Exocet missiles to sink any identified pirates. Everything short of that, and the piracy will continue.

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What we can do? Use our air and surface assets to surveil the area, and set up Global Hawks or similar with Exocet missiles to sink any identified pirates. Everything short of that, and the piracy will continue.

Piracy is only a symptom of the anarchical tribalism and brutality that is Somalia and the security in neighbouring states is only marginally better... with centralized government... sort of... I have to say, the only real way to stop the piracy issue is to insert another expeditionary force into Somalia and properly train and equip the UN force whilst its there and leave an integrated solution after the little shit Aidid is brought down a peg or ten.. The current UN presence is not fit for purpose and not effective enough to effect control and change to address the security issue... the landscape needs to change!!... Only then will the piracy issue abeit.. you need to remove the safe haven... break up their machine of operation.. and then chop of the snakes head making sure the planning is integrated and exit strategy clear post insertion to offensive combat phase..
My 2c anyhoo... until then we can send all Navies there and it will only be like putting band aids on an open wound...

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have some propaganda :D


Black taxi
05-24-2011, 12:15 PM
Piracy off the coast of Africa is the result of a fractured/ dysfunctional country. If we don't address the Somalian question they will just become bolder..just like al Qaeda did. Then we end up addressing an even bigger problem because we didn't nip it in the bud.

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Great music to the PR podcast Torps....

BlackTaxi.. fully agree..