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Thread: Vendors Please Read Your Rules Here

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    Exclamation Vendors Please Read Your Rules Here

    Vendor Classified Rules

    Anyone wishing to sell Commercially (Vendor) must PM Forum Staff prior to listing your item(s). Any vendor not pre-approved will;

    1. The ad will be edited and read "Unauthorized Solicitation, Please read Vender For Sale Rules and PM Forum Staff for authorization.

    2. Non response to our warning will be a UN Ban from the site.

    *Special Vender Rules*

    Since at the time of this Forum creation this is a non paid, non sponsored site the following rules apply to all vendors.

    A "Free" Raffle System is in place, this allows us to give you space (Vendor Created Thread) for advertising and allows you to get your product User Feedback.

    The Raffle system will net Vendors 3 months of unlimited For Sale Threads.

    All venders here will hold a free raffle within 30 days of their thread. The item listing must include the date that the raffle winner will be announced, item to be raffled and the quantity.

    If selling one type of item the raffle must be for at least one of that particular item. If selling multiple items it can be for any one of the listed items but must be listed at the time of creating the thread.

    The vendor will compile a list of any member that subscribes within the thread and enter them in the raffle. The vendor must also provide shipping and handling to all U.S. states. The vendor can ask that any member winning the raffle outside the U.S. pay any additional shipping/ handling charge. (Descretion of the Vender) We do have several members of foriegn countries.

    The vendor will publicly list the winner in the For Sale thread and will notify the winner via PM (Private Messaging)


    1. Hyper Links and Re-directs are permitted, ensure the links are legit and do not contain Porn.

    2. Firearms or related items are not allowed to be bought or sold on this site. In order to protect this site from Federal problems we cannot allow the selling, trading, or buying of any gun or weapon related items. (if in question ask first, but absolutely NO WEAPONS, so dont ask)

    3. Thread crapping is not allowed, this is posting links to similar items of a lower price or in general saying an item isnít worth what itís listed as.

    4. How you list your item(s) is your call, either seperate threads for each or all in one thread.

    5. Group purchase threads are encouraged. (Group purchases are encouraged, helps you sell items and helps the members save a little $)

    6.. Do not post your items for sale in someone else's thread.

    7. No auction style threads/ posts are allowed.

    8. Non-sponsor posts advertising goods or services in other parts of the forum will be deleted.

    9. No Porn or links to Porn Sites or to your site with Porn in the background. Please keep it clean.

    These rules are designed to protect you as a buyer and seller. While we don't want to take away the freedom on every thread and post within this forum, be advised that anything you buy or sell outside of the classifieds, that doesn't conform to these rules is at your own risk. Any violation of these rules can result in your thread being deleted, access to the classifieds being removed, and/or being banned from this site. Anyone that gets burned, buyer or seller should report the incident to the Admin, or a Mod so they can take appropriate actions so no one else gets burned.

    Happy selling/ shopping.
    SFC USA Retired
    Former USA/ USAR "Ring" Recruiter

    AD USMC 1981-1993
    USAR 1993-1995
    AD Army 1996-2008

    Just ask me for assistance in your quest to join the Army.

    In Memory of my FALLEN Comrades;

    MGYSGT Wilfred Cordice
    LTCOL Leon James III I.E.D.
    MSG Thomas Tulia I.E.D.
    SFC Carl Benson I.E.D.
    SFC Casey Howe I.E.D.

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