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Thread: ACU Camouflage Iphone Skin by Cellshields

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    Default ACU Camouflage Iphone Skin by Cellshields

    The following is a sponsored advertisement that has been authorized by has released a new iPhone 3G and 3GS hard case which is based on the US Army's ACU (Army Combat Uniform) camouflage. This skin is a hard, rubberized plastic, and comes in two flavors - Black Edge/ACU Middle & ACU Edge/ Black Middle.

    If you'd like to camouflage the entire iPhone, they offer a combo pack that will let you do just that. You'll receive both skins, each with interchangeable parts, allowing you to fully camouflage your iphone or dress it up in all black for those special night ops.

    The ACU Camo is designed to closely match the official uniforms of the US Army. If you serve in the Army, and you've got an iphone, you can't pass on this skin. It's a must have. HOOHA!

    Great for you or a fellow Soldier.
    Great for Father Day on June 20th!
    Great for well.. just about anyone.

    Per the agreement with Cellshields will hold a raffle on 21st of June 2010. Anyone who responds to the thread will be eligible to win the raffled item. If you wish to post to this thread, but exempt yourself from the raffle, please indicate that in the first line of your post with "Post Exempt" which will help us determine who's is participating in the raffle.

    The guidelines: (subject to change or edit by the admins of
    1. Only 1 entry per member/person
    2. By posting to this thread, you are entered into the raffle.
    3. The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash option.
    4. There is no cost to this site or the raffle winner. Cellshields will contact the winner and ship, free of charge, the raffle prize.
    5. On June 21st, 2010 - Cellshields will compile a list of eligible names from the posts to this thread. Cellshields will take the total number of eligible entries and assign a number to each entry. Using the total number of entries, a randomly generated number will be identified by using RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service - this will be the winner of the raffle.
    The Prize for this raffle:
    1 - Combo Set of ACU Camouflage iPhone skins for the Apple 3G and or 3Gs iphone.
    **Please note this is NOT compatible with first generation iphones.

    Cellshields will ship free of charge a combo set of ACU Camouflage iPhone skins to the randomly selected winner of this raffle on June 21st. This is an estimated prize worth $25.00.

    An added Bonus for members
    Use the following coupon code on when placing an order and you will receive a 20% discount of your purchase. This code is only good for the first 30 uses, after all 30 coupons have been entered the discount is over. This coupon is available to anyone, so if you don't have an iphone, pass the savings onto a fellow Soldier or family member.

    The COUPON CODE IS: armyforums

    Once again, thank you for this opportunity to share our product with this site and it's members. We love our product and we hope you will also.

    NOTE: The US Army and the Department of Defense are not affiliated with
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    Add me to the list for the raffle, please - no celly here in Iraq but I'll be home before too terribly much longer!
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    Glad to have you on board. Would you like me to merge the other thread I can edit it so that only the replys move over so you wont have double pics ect.

    I thought you forgot the hyper link but I found it the third time I read the thread.

    Best of luck with sales and hopefully this will take off.

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    Ok those are awesome, but what about the people who dont have iphone's? I have an lg chocolate touch, and I wouldnt trade it for the world, well until its outdated, but anyways, are yall gonna make some for the people without iphones? I didnt see anything else on your sight, but Im interested if yall go to other phones!

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    I am glad I didnt buy one right away, with the new Iphone coming out, I would have been stuck buying two....when will they be selling this ACU case for the new Iphone that is coming out this month?

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