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Thread: 19D (Cavalry Scout) Purpose & Equipment?

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    Question 19D (Cavalry Scout) Purpose & Equipment?

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions about the MOS 19D.

    1. I heard that they used to use dirt bikes/ATVs many years ago. Why did they? How were dirt bikes useful to their mission?

    2. From my understanding, they're a MOS that involves a lot of intel, recon, etc. If that's the case, then why do they use heavy vehicles such as the Bradley & Stryker? Wouldn't that make a lot of noise & be very conspicuous in a recon/intelligence mission?

    3. If they're ''Scouts'', then why do they fall under Armor?

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    I can't give full answers & maybe will have to give educated guesses but here goes & I'll tell you what I know about 19D. Cavalry Scouts are part of the Armor family. They have to keep up with the tanks in the same terrain. Once they get ahead of them they'll dismount & walk the rest of the way to do their scouting for the main body of their unit. If they use small fast means of transportation to get there I'm not aware of it but it makes sense. When they arrive at their scout point they'll have to watch for enemy movement & relay all information about them back to their unit.

    Like most MOSs in the Army their mission & tactics will vary from unit to unit. No two 19Ds in different units will have the exact same missions. That's up to the commander. There are some things that will be the same but each unit has their own thing to do & their own way of doing it.

    Are you thinking of getting that MOSs?
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