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Thread: Sage EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle)

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    Representing the M14 family in a contest with my CQB-16 EBR and a 50 round drum mag.

    As far as I know, mine is the only M14 entered in this video contest, please like it with a thumbs up.

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    Although you bring up some good points.............I'd rather carry my heavy, Dependable SAGE over an m4 any day of the week..........Let's not forget it's 7.62, not 5.56......We should be comparing it to a Mk 11 (at 10.75lbs) .............the M14 is more reliable!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grunt Medic TXARNG View Post
    Now that's what I was looking for - a range report and a shot group! A 98-2X; not bad at all! Still, the EBR is optimized for longer ranges and optical sights - looking forward to seeing some 500 yard groups posted. But it's not all gravy - there are a few negatives to the EBR setup:
    - It's fairly heavy; at 11 lbs. or so unloaded, this is not a rifle you want to carry all day
    - The Sage stock will only allow the original GI contour barrel; competitors install heavier aftermarket barrels on their M14s for increased accuracy
    - It's expensive; Fulton armory has the EBR stock available for $809-, and the clip guide scope mount will run you $60- more.

    But it is a cool looking setup, I'll give you that. And that's a good looking website you've set up, Lester. Well done!
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