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Thread: KELTEC is crap!

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    Default KELTEC is crap!

    Just putting it out there for someone thinking about getting a KELTEC, specifically a PF9. I had one, it broke on me three times. I kept sending it back and going through the process, trying to tough it out, but I finally sent it back for a full refund. Please, don't waste your time and money. I know a lot of people will say they have one that's had a million rounds put through it without a malfunction and that's great, but there's more KELTEC crap out there than KELTEC gold! And this newish RFB (rifle, forward ejecting bullpup)? Cool idea. What happens if a little bit of mus gets jammed in that "cool" ejector tube? You're f'd! That's what! No ejection port cover/dust cover? Weird. I'm looking for a Medusa Model 47 now. I know they're almost impossible to find, but it was invented by a NASA scientist who was also an avid competitive shooter. Shoots 25 different calibers from .38 to 9mm family. Looks great.
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