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Thread: M320 Grenade Launcher.

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    Default M320 Grenade Launcher.

    Does the M320 Grenade Launcher have a leg/hip holster? (I'm aware that they already have one for the upper body)
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    No. I've shot the 320, and it is too big to be practically worn in a hip holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grunt Medic TXARNG View Post
    No. I've shot the 320, and it is too big to be practically worn in a hip holster.

    I read that the soldiers prefer to use the M320 as a stand alone weapon, so in what way do they sport it/carry it if they do not attach it to their rifle?

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    You already answered your own question - on the chest.
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    Jeez, someone is cruising the internets today lol

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