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Thread: Transferring Data From Harddrive to Harddrive

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    Most SATA motherboards have dual SATA connectors on-board. Just plug the old unit into the unused port and you should be fine. If you can't see it when you fire the machine up, go to your BIOS settings and see if it has a special section for SATA channel enables. If so, be sure that both channels are enabled, then reboot. If your MB has only a single SATA port, then use a 4-16GB flash drive (depending on the size of the files you want to transfer) in a USB port, disconnect the current drive, then transfer everything to the Flash drive. (However, to do so, you will have had to have a system loaded on the old drive!) Replace the original drive back on-line, then retransfer the data from the Flash to your new hard drive. Good luck!
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