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Thread: 25U radio technical questions

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    Default 25U radio technical questions

    I am a new 25U and I got back from AIT six months ago. Unfortunately I am in a reserve unit where getting hands on experience is next to impossible. To make matters worse we have no experienced 25U at my unit who can provide additional training. They have a saying in AIT, " You will learn it all at your duty station." Yea right...

    Long story short my unit is going on a FTX in about two months and expect a retrans set up. I was wondering if someone can help me or even point me in the right direction to find answers as I am getting rusty with my radio skills.

    1. Basic step by step programming of RT1523 using F/H and SC.
    2. How to set up a retrans and how to configure the two radios. Other than 2 RT1523, a retrans cable and two OE 254. Is there anything else needed for this ? Any TM that can help ? How are the raidos set up?

    I would appreciate any help on this.

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    As a Signaleer, you also have available at your resource; the S6 community page at https://s6.army.mil/

    And the LandWarNet website that has computer base training for radios at https://lwn.army.mil/landing?p_p_id=...8_redirect=%2f

    Let me know how it goes.

    You going to need a team of Soldiers (about 4) to set up your OEM 254.
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