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Thread: What to do? Veteran being harassed by former NCO

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    Default What to do? Veteran being harassed by former NCO

    I need some advise. My husband has been in the Army twice now, the first being released due to a back injury, he rehabilitated and went back in as National Guard the second time and was separated from the Military in November of 2013, again for his back - he now has 3 herniated disks in his lower back and basically can do nothing for it until he is older when he'll have surgery. He has never deployed, which upsets him greatly, but he has seen some things while he was in that has caused some PTSD issues, which he is having a rough time coping with. He has cut the laces from a man's neck after suicide, seen a man falling to his death head first from a tower, and his first go around his former squad mates sent him the video of a friend burning alive in a Humvee after hitting an IED in Afghanistan. Additionally, they put the blame on him because he wasn't there. It's been haunting him ever since. Survivors guilt.

    So, the other day out of the blue he got a text from a guy in his
    old unit, who is now a SGT. My husband's old SGT put him up to it, basically
    to harass him. Among the conversation, my husband stated how he missed
    being in, which was replied that it was his own fault. When my husband
    stated something about awaiting treatment, it was then replied to by
    his old SGT who I think is a 1st SGT now, about how he left because he
    was an alcoholic addicted to pain pills. Which isn't at all the
    reason, my husband has a prescription that he won't even take because they don't help anyhow.

    Additionally, he received texts from other people telling him not to worry about it, that the guys a jerk, etc...so it's being said in front of other people.

    Now mind you these people are NCO's, who are now harassing him a year
    later. People in my mind who don't deserve the ranks and titles they
    have, because whether you're still in or not, you are supposed to be
    there for support, especially being an NCO.

    I wanted my husband to report it. There are enough men and women out there
    with issues caused by the time they've spent in the military and its NCO's like this that
    can be the factor in a suicide. They don't deserve the rank if they're
    not going to do the job they should be doing.

    What do you think? And how would we go about reporting it if we did?

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    Oh boy. I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to start. I suppose you could call the commanding officer of the unit the guys are in. It might be a start. There are also civil laws against telephone harassment. Maybe a call to the police is in order.

    I don't have the slightest idea why it makes such a difference to these "NCOs" if your husband is no longer in the unit. Could it be possible that he might have ratted them out for some shenanigans they were getting away with? They must feel he did something to try to sink their careers or their reputation. He could also be blamed for that when someone else actually did it & said it was him.

    I've seen hundreds come & go in my career. Some of them on not so good terms. I was responsible for getting some discharged for one cause or another - all legal & no vendettas involved. My thoughts were they were hurting the efficiency of the company or they were lazy & incompetent & didn't care one way or the other. Some were known drug users but I never called them & bothered them once they were out. Out of sight, out of mind. They were no longer my concern. No longer in my chain of command & I had no further responsibility toward them or animosity. Once they were gone I thought good riddance & promptly forgot them. I nursed some guys back to being good Soldiers & never regretted it. I was their 1SG & had a certain amount of pull with the CO.

    I have no surefire way of getting them to stop their harassment. Nothing legal anyhow, LOL. If you come up with any solutions let me know. I don't know if the local JAG office would be able to help but that might also be worth a try.

    I still can't figure out why anyone would do that.

    Good luck!
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