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    I'm PFC Otey, and I'm married to SPC Otey we are both stationed in Alaska, we are both enrolled in the MACP program. I was recently diagnosed with a condition to where I cannot live in Alaska without extreme restriction (not being in the cold) which is impossible in a place such as this as a SOLDIER. My question is if I am reassigned will he have to stay here and complete his tour? Or will he be reassigned as well? He is scheduled to PCS (if he reenlist) next year october if that helps........

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    A lot will depend on the unit's policy of keeping married couples together. I suggest you present your question to your chain of command. Good luck!
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    Have you read the regs at http://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/pdf/r614_200.pdf and http://www.eur.army.mil/g1/content/T...es_Program.pdf

    Like Top stated, engage your chain of command. I have seen this happen to a Soldier (but who was Single) when I was stationed at Fort Carson. And due to the altitude, she could not PT or function properly. Our BN CSM helped get this Soldier PCS early to a location much better for her health. If she cannot PCS due to her time on station; she will definitely follow you.
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