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Thread: Army Reserve and IPAP seats

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    Default Army Reserve and IPAP seats

    I am about to transition into the Army Reserve in OCT of next year so I can focus on school. However, I have searched and searched and still can't find an answer. I understand the requirements of applying to IPAP, but with this new MILPER regarding the school I have gotten confused, and only gotten half way answers from the AMEDD recruiters. The question is as follows:

    If I complete the pre-reqs in the Reserve and apply, the new MILPER states that those applying from Reserve will return to Reserve and not be placed in the AD component like previously. Does that mean that the seats for Reserve component applicants have been cut back?

    If that is the case, how can I ensure a better chance of getting into IPAP? As in, certain states better than others for applying and what not. Thank you for any answers, hopefully it is better than "Well, I mean, I will look into it.. (and not get back to you or respond with info)"

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    I have attempted to research your question & like you I couldn't get an answer.

    Continued after an interruption:

    I tried searches on Bing & Google & didn't come up with a specific answer. I have to ask you if you tried an Army Recruiter? I was going to suggest AMEDD but you already did that. You could keep asking them until you get a hard & set answer. We used to have an Army Medic Senior NCO who was very knowledgeable but he dropped off after he retired. I'm at a loss on where to ask next.

    The Army & more than likely the Army Reserve is in a big flux as I'm sure you know firsthand. That alone makes it hard to get answers because it might be a whole different answer a month down the line. I'm surprised that the Reserve even has PAs but I know there are Medical units there. Try to find a POC at one of those Medical units & see if they can give you an answer. There used to be one at the Reserve Center a mile from my house but I heard they moved.
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