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Thread: 8 Reasons Why NCOs Should Write and Publish

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    Default 8 Reasons Why NCOs Should Write and Publish

    What a great site for active and retired NCOs. Check it out and share it with others. It provides links to tools and sources to help and then provides sites where your writing might be published.
    The NCO perspective is valuable. Many officers will say that one of the most important people in their military career was their first platoon sergeant. Often, the platoon sergeant is the first teacher and continues to serve as a mentor or friend more many years.
    NCOs are considered the backbone of the military. NCOs also are the primary executors of missions. As doers, they have intimate knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and can explain why. Despite being one third of the active duty force, and twice the size of the commissioned officer corps, NCOs are underrepresented in written professional discussions.
    Much more @ https://fromthegreennotebook.com/201...e-and-publish/

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