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Thread: How do i change my duty station ?

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    Default How do i change my duty station ?

    I'm a 68W, and my duty Station is "ASGT: PROJ, Station: FT. HOOD". I really want to go to South Korea, because I have my MOM is there. I heard that "Order Exchage" with a form DA4187 or "Compassionate Reassignment" are the possible ways. But I don't know how to do that and I wonder I still can do that. I posted "Order Exchange" note at PX but nobody contacted me. Thank you.
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    You can put in a "SWAP" notice in the Army Times. It has to be a soldier that is in your same MOS and level and wants to go where you are and he/she has to have orders to Korea. But you should talk to your leadership at the school house to help you with your dilemma. Compassionate Reassignment for "wanting to be with mom" wont cut it.
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    Is it possible that since you'll be graduating with another class that those orders of assignment might not be valid anymore?

    Not knowing a lot about request for reassignment in your case, I would think a voluntary request for Korea would trump an assignment to Ft. Hood. Of course needs of the Army trumps everything & Ft. Hood has a lot of Soldiers stationed there so it's possible that many Medics are needed.
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    I would say your chances of ending up at 1st Sig are fairly small since your a medic. I'm sure you can find someone who would be willing to trade with you for Korea.

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