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Thread: Tips for new Soldiers from an AIT PSG's perspective

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    Default Tips for new Soldiers from an AIT PSG's perspective

    Here are a few things you new and perspective Soldier should know based on my experiences he in TRADOC.

    -Be responsible for your actions: If you did something chances are we already know. Own up to your mistakes. In the end when the Commander decides your punishment your honesty and integrity are taken into account.

    -You don't know anything about the Army: Don't be the barracks lawyer. Don't give advice on things you are not familiar with, it will give you a bad name and lead to other Soldiers not trusting you after you get them burned.

    -The Cadre are not there to hold your hand: Cadre are in place to facilitate and environment where you can complete the course with minimal distraction. We are not Dr Phil, we want you to communicate with us but we are not therapists. We give advice and counseling based upon our experiences and the regulations. Don't take advantage of that by constantly being in our offices with you life stories. We do care but we also have to address other Soldiers needs as well.

    -Be ready before you sign up: Don't come in thinking the Army is going to fix your problems or change how or who you are. You have to do that. I have seen hundreds come through my course and not make it because they expected the Army to fix their issues instantly. You have to be ready, willing, and try to change if not you probably won't make it.

    -We don't get in trouble for not graduating enough students: I don't have a graduation quota. I can graduate one Soldier out of a class and as long as he is competent I have completed my mission. Don't think that just because you signed up for it we will give it to you. It's there for you to get if you earn it.

    -No one is out to get you: I do the same job cycle after cycle with hundreds of Soldiers. This goes back to taking responsibility for your actions. If you are a constant distraction to others then yes I am going to get you out but not for my gain. I am here to make sure the Soldiers around you can train without distraction. If you are one, then your have to go.

    More to follow.......
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    Great advice!!!!

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    @ Desert Rat

    That's a solid foundation to start with. I am currently an AIT Platoon Sergeant as well. The first thing I teach my soldiers are "the 5 rights" and then from there taking individual responsibility for their own actions. I am here to assist, coach, teach, counsel, mentor, and develop but not to be mom, dad, therapist, doctor, or chauffeur but it's amazing how one soldier/problem always has the potential of consuming a whole day. I wish you the best and once again, solid advice.

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    thanks for sharing,good tips

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