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Thread: Need some advice, prior service question.

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    Default Need some advice, prior service question.

    Im currently irr and am wanting to joing the active army once again. My question is the army even accepting prior service at the time? I have nothing negative on my record except the fact that i got out as a e-3(not sure if that is bad good or the other) but i had some weight issues which is why i didnt make any higher rank. I am overweight at the moment but im back to working out full force as i have no problems other then my weight to be eligible to re join. Ive heard some people say to me that i should go guard or reserve and then try to switch to active, but i am wanting to go straight to active. Can anyone give me some advice or refer me to someone who can help me?

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    some extra info on myself if it helps, im 26 yeards old and have a re code 1. Since ive been out i have gone to college and currently have over 40 credits

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    The Army changes its policy on prior service enlistments more often than some people change their socks it seems. Be prepared to accept whatever MOS they offer you from a short list. I've heard that it's easier getting into the Army if you're E-4 or below so you should be good to go with that.

    If you want active duty then sign up for the Active Duty Army. Sometimes it can be difficult to switch for the Reserve Component to the Active Component. Use the Guard/Reserve only as a choice if you find that there's no way to go active duty.

    Continue working out & get that weight off.
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    Only option for you is 18X, if you go Reserves or NG just to go Active it will actually slow down your process as you will have to do 2 years in that service before going active...and it does not help you at all, since you are still considered prior service and the Reserves or NG would have to allow you to go active, if they dont want you to go they wont release you.

    Lose the weight, get in shape, continue college and maybe one day once you are actually fit for duty the rules might change and you could have more options available.

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