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Thread: PCSing back to 82nd

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    Default PCSing back to 82nd

    Something I'm not very clear on here. I was in the 82nd for a little over 3 years, PCSed to where I am now, and now I'm about to go back. I don't have my orders yet (haven't decided whether or not I want to accept another airborne position), but my ERB has me on assignment to "82nd Div HQ Rear Detachment"

    This *sounds* like I'm going to division headquarters (they're just getting back from deployment so it won't be rear D when I show up) but I'm not sure. When I first went, they sent all incoming personnel to division replacement and then divided them up between the brigades. I know that since then they've changed the way personnel are allocated, so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on whether I'm going to actual division HQ element, or if that's just a placeholder that actually means nothing more than just that I'm going somewhere in division?

    Time zone difference makes it difficult to get in touch with anyone stateside during work hours, so thought I'd ask the people here (I know there's at least one or two division guys lurking about).

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    My guess (and it's just a guess) is that it's just as you think. When everything is back to normal & they're all home you'll be assigned to wherever you're needed.

    Good luck, Airborne!
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    You will most definitely be assigned as needed. When I finally made it to the 82nd, I ended up having FIVE different sets of transfer orders until they decided on the slot I was to fill. Good luck!
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    How long was the gap between arrival and getting that final set of orders?

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    The same thing happened to me i did my overseas tour and since i'm airborne i got orders back to ft. Bragg.once you get there is pretty much needs of the 82nd,also from now on if you are airborne qualified it is very difficult to leave ft bragg.

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