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    I am a 68W SPC, have been in for 6.5 active with 1 tour in Iraq. I enjoy working in the medical field and intend to attend IPAP in the future.

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    Welcome to a "quiet" site. It seems that Army Forums.com has lost a lot of active members after a big spam invasion which is now handled quickly. This used to be a very busy site with many knowledgeable people. Hopefully it'll come back again.

    I couldn't answer your question in your other post & I'm sorry it took me an extra day to respond. I should have at least given you a welcome & for that I apologize. I was sure I'd be able to help you as I have good search skills being a Private Detective but I just drew a blank. I used to have many buddies in local Army Recruiting & they always were able to give me an answer but they've all been reassigned or are out of the Army.

    I hope you can find an answer & I wish you the best of luck in your future.
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    Well, I haven't been on this forum for some time but welcome! Tell us a bit about yourself and what your duties are like. Do you enjoy what you do?

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