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Thread: New to the Forum ! Future soldier on August 31, 2015 (ship out day)

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    Default New to the Forum ! Future soldier on August 31, 2015 (ship out day)

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    1. Age -20
    2. Alma Mater - Everest University
    3. Sports - Baseball, Boxing, Basketball
    4. Activities - Music, Working out, Spending time with my family
    5. Why I Want to be a Soldier - I started showing interest in the Military since middle school. Always thought that an American should at least serve his country ones. Defend what our founding fathers fought for and conquered. I also wanted to join because I love the Soldier uniform and because It would be one of my main goals in life to accomplish.
    6. Possible MOS\Branch Interest - MOS- 68R- Veterinary Food Inspector/ Swore in to the U.S Army
    7. Current Progress Towards Application - I swore in 06/24/2015 at Tampa MEPS
    8. Additional Comments - I'm new and will be using this forum to connect with other soldiers. I will ask questions and would love to get responses from soldier in the military and also from veterans. I currently am waiting for my ship out date to Ft. Jackson and I will be going in as an E-3.

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    Okay. The site is back up so a belated welcome!

    I tried making a new post because the site was half working at that time but it died completely by then.. I hope you're still around so I can try to answer any questions you may have.

    You have about 2 months before you ship. Plenty of time to get in shape. My main suggestion is to be able to pass the APFT before you ship. It'll make BCT all that much easier.

    That's an interesting MOS. I was in the Combat Arms (Airborne Infantry) so I'm of no use for any questions you have concerning MOS 68R. My old roommate did that when he was in the USAF but he's now deceased. He seemed to like it, though & was stationed in England for most of his enlistment. I lost track of him. I went in the Navy & he went in the AF & we both got out about the same time. Then he moved & I wound up in the Army & heard recently that he died some time ago.

    Good luck!
    Proud Dad of a US Army Airborne Ranger SFC
    Retired US Army 1SG/MSG, Airborne Infantry, G-3, Instructor
    Former USN - Submarines, USS Chopper (SS 342) & Navy Diver, UDT 21
    I was a Soldier. I am a Soldier. I will always be a Soldier.

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