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Thread: READ THIS FIRST - Rules of the Forum and Introductions

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    Exclamation READ THIS FIRST - Rules of the Forum and Introductions


    First, welcome to ArmyForums! We're here to provide a community for the many soldiers, family members, and fans of the US Army. Following is a suggested format for introductions - feel free to use it if you wish, as it gives members a better idea of who you are. If there are parts you don't feel comfortable answering, skip them.

    Second, don't claim things that you aren't. If you claim to be a Super Secret Squirrel Delta Force Ranger, expect to be asked to back that up.

    Not Yet Serving\Applying
    1. Age -
    2. Alma Mater -
    3. Sports -
    4. Activities -
    5. Why I Want to be a Soldier -
    6. Possible MOS\Branch Interest -
    7. Current Progress Towards Application -
    8. Additional Comments -

    Already Serving
    1. Rank, MOS\Branch -
    2. Unit -
    3. Age -
    4. Alma Mater -
    5. Sports -
    6. Activities -

    Family of a Service Member
    1. Military Experience -
    2. Relative in the Military -
    3. Additional Comments -

    Rules of the Forum
    1. Be respectful. This is a forum of your peers, subordinates, and superiors. There will be no tolerance for flaming, personal attacks, and insults.
    2. Stay in your lane. Don’t speculate about things you don’t have experience with. If you claim a rank, unit, or experience, be prepared to back it up with evidence (AKO for currently serving, DD-214 for retired).
    3. No discrimination – period. Race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, etc. Leave it alone.
    4. Communicate like an educated adult. Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Check section 2 again. Like it says in AR 25-50 para 1-10, “Army correspondence must aid effective and efficient communication and decision making. Writing that is effective and efficient can be understood in a single rapid reading and is generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics, and usage.”
    5. No nudity, sexually explicit posts, etc.
    6. Practice PERSEC (Personal Security). Do not post identifiable information about yourself – namely, your first and last names, etc. It is VERY easy for people to track you down on the Internet.
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    I always thought that on this site if not all with a forum theme should make it mandatory to post an introduction before being allowed to make any other posts. I always like to know a little about who I'm replying to before answering any questions they may have. This might even help keep some spam away. If nothing else all the spam would be restricted to just the intro forum.
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