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Thread: Not allowed on front lines...

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    Unhappy Not allowed on front lines...

    Hey all, new to the forum and thought I'd share my story/problem. so I hoped I'd join the army and be an actual soldier who shoots and serves their country in war and all(aka, infantry). This has been my dream since I could talk. So I'm turning seventeen in a few months, and I decided I wanted to talk to a recruiter, but wanted to do it without the parents knowing, so I chatted with a recruiter online through goarmy.com, then found out women aren't allowed on front lines! And, if I wasn't infantry I wanted to be a battle medic,(sorry, just started getting serious with this stuff a little bit ago and don't know the lingo so I don't know what the name for that is.) Anyways, guess I can't be that either because they're not allowed on the front lines. My third choices was being a dog handler(lived with dogs my whole life and love them), but apparently my chances of being deployed with a bomb sniffing dog are pretty slim, I'd probably just end up with the pup at an air port somewhere sniffing suitcases. So bottom line, is there any way that I can get on the front lines? I know that sounds like a suicide call but it's not, I just want to serve my country, and I'm not a girl who's a total sissy and can't handle it(I grew up on farm with five boys, four older, one ten months younger but now twice my size) and I'm really athletic. So I've never been exposed to much prejudice because I've always carried my own weight. And I'm used to hard work cause like I said, I grew up on a farm, I work dawn to dusk and have no complaints. I love jobs where you really have to get down and do the work that a lot of other people aren't able to do or are afraid to do, and I love my country. I'm not afraid to do the dirty work, I just want my chance. Is there any way I can have that?

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    BTW, other MOS suggestions are welcome, trying to find something that puts me near action.

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    I really doubt you will find any job within the military to serve on the front lines, at least that I know of (I could be wrong). I think it'd be to morally degrading for a man to see a woman blown to bits on the front lines which is probably why they do not let women on the front.
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    Well while Hexum is partially correct, there is no "front lines" right now so just b/c you cant be infantry does not mean you cant see/be part of some fighting.

    It is called Combat Medic/AKA Healthcare SPC, and yes even as a female you would see combat (just mean you cant roll out with an Infantry unit, has it happened before? Yes).

    You could be Military Police and go outside the wire and run security on convoys, etc (combat experience for you), you cannot be a dog handler from the get-go, but once you are in as an MP, you can request to go to dog handler if you prove yourself to be a good Soldier.

    You could also do Truck Driver and drive the vehicles (which mean syou would be part of the convoys I spoke of earlier)

    The "Recruiter" told you that answer b/c that is the standard answer, I dont consider them real Recruiters as they are not on the ground working, they are civilians sitting infront of a computer.

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    Tallow, I believe your story and it sounds sincere. But you should be happy that you need not challenge fate. Old wisdom: He who asks for danger ends up in it. There are lots of important jobs for women in the Army that deal with a degree of danger. As you know from the Iraq and other conflicts, US women in combat have actually caused additional problems especially when you deal with uncultured people like the Taliban who regard women with less respect than their donkey (even though all Talibans had mothers). Why don't you try helicopter pilot? There you can really stand out as a woman.

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    this is similar to your question, read this post for more info

    just use the search bar for "Men and Women in the US Army "

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    there is confusion about joining as an MP at 17. I think only at 18 can you be an MP. Also, if you 17, you going to need your parents permission and will not deploy until you 18. The Army doesnt deploy its 17 year old soldiers. (I joined at 17).

    Dont get ahead of yourself. Talk to a recruiter and take the test; pass the medical then see where you stand.

    I was in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. This is a non-contigous war, which means there are no front lines. You have FOBs and Combat Outposts all over theater that might have only 40 soldiers on the base.

    Right now you have no knowledge on the military so feel free to ask and we will educate you.

    Good luck.
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    As MP states above, in todays military there is really no front lines. However if you wish to be closer to the action may I suguest a medic MOS. But in reality this new type of war, combat is all around you.

    Be carefull what you wish for.
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