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Thread: Hi There!

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    Default Hi There!

    Hi everyone. Just joined this forum because I'm sort of involved with someone claiming to be a U.S. army soldier but parts of his story seem doubtful. I'm hoping to be able to find some answers and maybe get a better understanding if this guy is for real or not. If this isn't the forum for this or someone can point me in the right direction to find out if this soldier is who he says he is, I'd appreciate you letting me know.


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    Welcome to the site!

    We can only try our best to find out if he's a poser. Much information on Soldiers is hard to get due to privacy concerns. I don't think there's anyone on this site that likes those critters.

    Ask him where he took his Basic Combat Training & Advanced Individual Training. Use the terms "BCT" & "AIT". If he's a Soldier he'll know what that means. Ask him what his job is but use the term "MOS". Casually ask him if you can see his ID card & dogtags without appearing to be outing him. Act as if you've never seen them & are curious. If you can pull it off like you're just interested & not snooping he'll bite if he's a Soldier. By all means don't ask him anything that will look like you're seeking military information like a spy would.

    Good luck!
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    +2 to MSG Glenn's comments. I would proceed with that plan to verify him or out him as a poser.... I was watching an episode of Cops, and there was this drunk wife beating redneck trying to sell to the Armerilo TX Cop that he was 20 years as a US Army Ranger... Just by looking at him, you could see he was a big fat liar!!.. Stolen Valor Act still means something from what I know..
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