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Thread: Going to sign my contract on Wednesday !

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    Default Going to sign my contract on Wednesday !

    After a year of trying to join the army it's finally happening. I was a GED applicant but went and received my 15 college credits so Wednesday I will be signing my contract!! I didn't give up on joining the army and just the feeling of being able to see it happening is just exciting and amazing. I do have a few questions tho...

    1. What should I expect in signing my contract? Like what should I prepare myself for?
    2. Is there any advice any of you soldiers have for me for my contract?

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    Congratulations on getting this far!

    When you meet with a MEPS Counselor he'll give you a list of MOSs that are available which you qualify for. Start thinking about what you want to do in the Army. Also think about any alternate MOSs in case your first choice isn't available. If you want anything extra in your contract like Airborne School then make sure it's in writing. They're not trying to screw you over but many times they'll say that you can volunteer for it at BCT which in itself is true but not all the time. Those with contracts for it will get first choice & any slots left over go to those who want it but aren't contracted. Then it's up to your Drill Sergeant to decide which recruits are the most worthy.

    Otherwise follow the advice of your Recruiter. He's the one main source that has all the latest policies.

    After it's all over & you've been to MEPs & have a contract be sure to come back here & let us know what happened. Meanwhile we'll be glad to answer any questions you might have, at least to the best of our knowledge. Remember - your Recruiter is your first go-to guy when it comes to questions. Be sure to get involved in the Future Soldier Training Program. There is no reason why you should enter the Army at anything less than PV2, paygrade E2. Your Recruiter will help you there.
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