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Thread: Please Help Discourage a Mistake

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    Good morning all,

    I want to preface this by stating that I have already read the sticky on joining, and I have a good grasp on what would DQ one from joining the Army. That being said, I'm trying to convince someone (as well as his parents) that he should absolutely not join. I think that an Army life is very respectable choice, but this individual would have to lie his ass off to get in. What I'm really looking for here is a resounding chorus of "he'll be caught in a heartbeat" and perhaps some stories of what kind of punishment the person concerned could expect immediately or down the line.

    I just learned that my younger brother, age 21, has been seeing a recruiter, and I believe he is absolutely unfit and would be a hazard to those around him. My brother, since the age of 16 or so, was a heroin addict until maybe nine months ago. I'm almost certain he's had brief relapses since then. He also engaged in some generally awful behavior, both on and off of the drugs.

    The tales of his exploits are long and sordid, so I'm going to cut to the point and list some of the things I know would DQ him and would turn up in a check:
    - Aforementioned heroin addiction, including intravenous use;
    - Use of a smorgasboard of other illegal substances at various points, though I am unsure of the details;
    - An arrest for possession of about $500 of heroin, from what I could glean. My parents protect my brother at every opportunity, so I do not know how the court case was resolved except that he entered "rehab" - completely outpatient;
    - Taking suboxone as part of his outpatient therapy, has not stopped to my knowledge;
    - Numerous mental health issues. Sees a therapist, takes prozac and xanax or something like it. Both prescribed. I believe he suffers from depression and anxiety, at the very least;
    - Lost driver's license due to numerous tickets, and a single car accident where he told the responders he had "dozed off."

    I could probably go on, but I think there's more than enough for a DQ here (understatement). I think any sane person would agree that this kid does not need to be in the military in any capacity. Problem is, my dad isn't sane, and is supporting and encouraging my brother every step of the way (wants that empty nest, I guess). Furthermore, as the recruiter is expressing tons of interest, I believe my brother is either not being forthcoming with his information, or is being coached to lie to MEPS.

    So, what are the chances they'll catch him at MEPS? What if he makes it, how into his career before he gets busted? What's the worst that could happen to him? I want to show dad that the Army isn't for reforming his son, and that there will be consequences for my brother if he goes ahead with this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I think you're absolutely right in trying to keep him out of the Army, Mike. I believe that he'll be caught as being a user when he takes the drug test. I have to admit that I don't know how long prior drug use shows in that test, though. I know it shows in the hair for a long time. If he's taking mind altering drugs that are prescribed by a doctor I'm sure that alone is a disqualifier. Maybe not permanently but the problem that caused him to take those drugs might well be. His drug arrest is also a disqualifier. There are no recruiting waivers allowed for that.

    All in all I don't think he's eligible for enlistment with or without waivers. His mental health record, his addiction & arrest record are each by themselves enough to disqualify him. He will not be allowed to enlist while on many meds, prescribed or not.

    To be sure find the name of his Recruiter & give him a heads-up. Nobody likes to be a snitch so do this strictly anonymously. Claim that you're an acquaintance of him that has a conscience. Use a "sanitized" phone so nobody can tell who it is by caller ID. There are no records that are sealed to Recruiters but they have to have cause to check & a place to start that check. Police records are automatic & that should be enough. Recruiters have access to sealed, juvenile & other inaccessible legal records. If he lies about his medical/mental records then drop a dime to the Recruiter.

    Thank you for your patriotic sense to try to keep someone like your brother out of the Army. There's enough cause for worry because there's always someone who falls through the cracks.

    Keep me advised.
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