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Thread: APFT and college

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    Default APFT and college

    2 questions:

    - When do you take your first fitness test? Before you start BCT or during? When is the first time you have to pass the 2 mile/situp/pushup minimums?

    - For those who are or have been enlisted while earning a college degree, did you do online courses or did you physically attend a university? Just wondering if after AIT which one is better to pursue?

    Oh, one more. When do you get to ditch the Army ordered eye glasses and wear your own? Or wear contacts?


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    1. You take an Assessment Physical Test before you go to basic, you have to pass a 2-2-2- PT test by the end of basic with only 50 points on each, at the end of AIT you have to pass it with the normal 60 points in each event.

    3. I do online college, I am active duty and go to college online, it is so much easier than having to drive to the college sit there for hours on end listening to some guy/gal...i get my books dropped off at my door and go on my computer and do the work at my own time.

    4. You can stop wearing those at the end of Basic, but when you deploy you cant have contacts, I have used both while not deployed, glasses and contacts...

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    so i have a question about the army issued "bc" glasses...what kind of lenses do they use? are they the high-index kind or just regular plastic lenses? I have really bad vision (-7 in both eyes) and i think that wearing glasses with super-thick lenses would really bother me. And has anybody seen anyone at basic with really high prescription lenses?

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