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Thread: Three questions, Special Forces:

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    Default Three questions, Special Forces:

    Hello, I have two questions.

    1. I am 25 yrs old with a 4 year degree and am in the process of selecting my job, 18x (Special forces). Does anyone know what enlistment bonuses I qualify for?

    2. If one washes out of 18x and is put into 11b, what other interesting or similar specialties can you apply for with an infantry background? Rangers? Airborne specialties?

    3. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for the DLAB?

    Anyone who can provide as much information as possible on these questions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Chris!

    I'm still a Future Soldier, but I was looking at the DLAB myself before I decided not to worry about linguistics. I'm not sure how it relates to 18X, but from everything I gathered the DLAB is based on a fake language. It's more about potential than actual knowledge.
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    Interesting. I guess studying basic rules of grammar and sentence structure may be a good idea then.

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    you cant study for the DLAB...its a made up language...also if you fail 18X you should already be Airborne by then so you would have that already...then you could apply for Ranger and if accepted, try out...

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    Knowing basic sentence structure is helpful - but so is studying foreign languages, as the DLAB intentionally changes sentence structure and other rules of grammar in their made-up language just to see if you can get the hang of it. Good luck!
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    I'd advise not wasting an 18X contract. If you feel you might voluntarily drop out then I'd go to 11X directly. If you feel that you might wash out then you have a negative attitude. Those that think there's a possiblity of failing & dwell on that fact usually do exactly that.

    Infantry has a lot of special skills you can get into. Airborne being the most loigical one. From there you can go into the 75th Ranger Regt through an Option 40 contract & RASP (there a winning can-do attitude is equally important as in 18X. A 33% pass rate on the last RASP class.). From Airborne you can become a Pathfinder. Infantry also offers priority seats in Ranger School (not the same as entry into the 75th), Sniper School, Air Assault School, Recon Leaders Course, Sapper School, SERE, if in Spec Ops, Scuba School (Combat Diver). There are many other feeder MOSs to theae schools but most of these skills are utilized by the Infantry.

    If you want SF you need the 18X contract which you already know about. For Ranger the Option 40, but neither of these is available very often. That's why I told you not to waste them. For Airborne Infantry it's the 11X Option 4 contract. I understand that every once in a while the Option 4 opens & a contract for Airborne School is offered.

    In any case you might have to wait until whatever you want becomes available. Even the Infantry MOS fills up at times. My son had to wait for a half a year to get 11X option 40. He couldn't even get a plain 11X contract without the Airborne or Ranger incentives that summer. Infantry School was filled up. It all depends on when you enlist.
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    Go to Professional Soldiers ® - Home and follow the rules or they will squash you. It's run by SF soldiers and is an excellent resource if you are not sure about going the 18x route.

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    The enlistment bonuses change VERY frequently - best bet would be to talk to a recruiter.

    A friend of mine is going through BCT on his 18X right now. He was just Crossfitting like crazy before shipping, and had over a 340 PFT before he left. If you're even considering 18X or 11X Option 40, you need to be pushing the PT HARD.
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    pt hard is just beginning of it. Shoot, you better be a seasoned warrior in ALL SOLDIER SKILLS..Being able to lead with no sleep and lack of food on the fly..You better be shit hot in you're land and star lite Nav and you better be very good at humpimg ruck and muti task under pressure or you're just another number wiped clean fron the slate..
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