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Thread: Future Army Soldier... (Update)

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    Default Future Army Soldier... (Update)

    Hey guys. It's me again. I know it's been a while, but I only wanted to update you after my processing was complete.

    I just got out of MEPS an hour ago, and I didn't get option 4, 40, or 68w. I got 11x. But I'm very happy with everything. Because I scored pretty high on the ASVAB, the recruiters and most of the staff were trying to get me into MOS's more befitting of my scores; like intelligence, aviation mechanic, etc (and of course, the AF recruiter wouldn't stop calling), but I came out with Infantry; because it was a very long thought out decision I made for myself beforehand (and not very many people I've met thus far had reasons for wanting to get 11x other than wanting to shoot a gun). I'm very excited because I get to train at Benning because I'll be trained well before I enter Airborne/Ranger school. My ship date will be Sept. 27 with OSUT of 16 weeks.

    The only thing that's getting to me is the first duty station. You see, I was under the impression that I couldn't even influence to get stationed where I want other than the dream sheet. And now, I'm starting to feel a little regretful for not even asking.

    I would like your guys reassurance that I'll still get to fill out a dream sheet in the future. To at least know I'll have that option in the future, I feel will diminish the regret I have at this moment.

    And thanks to everyone on this thread for your support. I know I wouldn't have followed through without all the support that was given to me up until this point.


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    Congrats on getting in
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    Congrats, Yes all throughout your career you will get to fill out what we call ASK (Assignment Satisfaction Key)...with that you can select three places you preffer in the states and 3 outside the states, you can also volunteer for assignments there...

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    During reception you will fill out your initial Dream Sheet.

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    Hey mike what are you complaining about?. You are in the best branch for making rank and advancement in the Army and when your collegues in the USAF beg for Airman second class you are already SP4! I know that, I was both USAF and Army. Infantry/Armor/Artillery/Aviation/Combat Engineers are the branches that all others support. Yes, even the Prezz and all his Generals are lost if there isn't a US infantryman on the ground doing his job. One can't win a war, battle or even a fight from an Aircraft carrier or a stealth bomber. That's a military iron rule that has never been proven wrong. Thus, just relax and do a good job. A great many retired Sergeant Majors are from the Combat arms.

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    Congratulations on the 11X contract, 'cruit! As the Master Tanker has told you Infantry is important in the whole scheme of warfare. There's an old saying - "There's Infantry & the whole rest of the Army to support it." Now my bias is showing. Every Soldier is an important asset to the Army. I'd hate to have to go to war without the possibility of having Air, Armor or Artillery support although as an Airborne Infantryman that's the way we start off most of the time until our combat support catches up with the assault force.

    Get into the beast shape possible before you ship. There's noreason you can't get to the point of acing the APFT. You're probably going to enter the toughest BCT/AIT there is ijn Infantry OSUT. Infantrymen have to be in good shape. It's the nature of the job.

    Are you involved in the Future SoldierTraining System? You should be. Get to learn some of the basics of basic training & go in with a stripe & a few bucks a month more.

    I'm sorry you couldn't get an Option 4 or Option 40 but who knows? The opportunity might come during your enlistment. Be prepared & remain in good physical condition. IF, that is IF, you get to volunteer for Airborne School at OSUT there will probably be more volunteers than spaces available. Your Drill SGT will make recommendations & more than likely those who score the highest in the APFT will be the ones he bases his recommendation on.
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