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Thread: PDQ Waiver Questions

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    Default PDQ Waiver Questions

    My initial PDQ for hearing was from the Marines in October 2009. I had to do everything on my own as far as getting the test done, so, all my recruiter was good for was faxing and sleeping. I even had to write an approved notice to get my consult done for this guy to stamp it. But, I rushed through the test so that I can be done with BCT and training by the time the next schoolyear came...it didn't happen. They couldn't tell me anything more, and, when I asked them what was my PULHES, they couldn't give me a direct answer and gave me a dumbfounded look (both my recruiter and his CO). So, I go to the ARMY in November 2009 and everything was looking up. It took until April 2010 to get a PDQ from them too. My hearing was at about 50-60db then. I got another test done May 7th and it was corrected to 30-40db, but, when I gave it to my recruiter, she told me she'd send it in. So, I call and call her but, no reply. I was kicked to the curb with no answer...now I'm looking into the Army National Guard.

    So, my question is, eventhough my hearing was corrected to 30-40db, Do I still have a chance at a pushing for the ARMY and getting a waiver completed? Or, am I done for good?

    BTW, my PULHES was corrected to 111311...

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    First I'll preface my remarks with the fact that I'm not sure what reasons the Army is DQing prospective recruits lately & which ones will never allow you to serve.

    What I do know is the Army and presumably all of the services aren't granting many waivers these days. They don't have to. The economy sucks & so does the civilian job market. They have plenty of prospects to keep the Military fully manned. If the Army is hurting for Soldiers in the future then I think that it may be possible that you'll be allowed to enlist. Since your Recruiters didn't even let you go as far as MEPS for the physical & allowing a MEPS doctor be the one to issue the disqualification then I'd say that they know that now it would be a waste of time & resources to send you there. Policy changes often so you never know. Try again in the future or possibly try a different Recruiter sometime. Many of them are too busy to deal with someone that probably won't be allowed to enlist.

    One of our resident Recruiters will be by eventually to give you the full picture.
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    From AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness -
    c. Current hearing threshold level in either ear greater than that described below is disqualifying:
    (1) Pure tone at 500, 1000, and 2000 cycles per second for each ear of not more than 30 decibels (dB) on the
    average, with no individual level greater than 35 dB at those frequencies.
    (2) Pure tone level not more than 45 dB at 3000 cycles per second or 55 dB at 4000 cycles per second for each ear.
    (3) History of use of hearing aids is disqualifying
    Now I'm just a line medic, so I can't explain those numbers to you - but your civilian hearing doc or nurse will be able to.

    Short take - if you do not meet enlistment standards, you require a waiver - and waivers are scarce as hens' teeth right now. Sometimes the Guard is freer with certain waivers than the Acive Army is - you need to go see a Guard recruiter for the inside scoop on that one.

    Anyway, I wish you luck!
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    That 3 is what is killing you, you cant enlist with a 3, I know that if we ever have someone taking the physical and they come out with a 3, they are done...we hope for 1's, 2's, and on worse maybe a "0" which means that you are not fully qualified but they are willing to give you a consult...a 3 is like trying to come into the Army with a permanent profile already on file...

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    while on active duty and the doc has to put a 3 on your profile, then you probably will be med boarded. that 3 is there for a reason.

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