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Thread: Joining the Army

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    Question Joining the Army

    I am really interested in joining the army and I always have been yet I seem to be too scared to actually initiate the process. I really want to make a difference in the world and I feel that joining the army will do that. Everyone tells me not to join and that I couldn't do it because for one I'm a girl and another because im only 5'0...I want to prove to myself and to other people that I can be just as strong as everyone else. I am a tad scared about boot camp and the fact that I could be sent off to Iraq...I'm wondering if I should talk to a recruiter...and what questions I should ask. Can anyone tell me what bootcamp is like?

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    Default Hi Everybody

    I am vincent. I stay in New York. I am working as a Captain in Army of USA.
    I hope that I will get more informations about my questions.
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    Rebecca, I give you the straight poop: Basic training is tough. You will be physically down in the dirt and then slowly be built up to a new person. That will make you so proud of yourself and for the first time in your life you will feel that you have really accomplished something unusual and a member of a team. But remember, the Army doesn't need primadonnas or princesses. The needs of the Army come first. So you may well end up in Timbuktu.

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    Rebecca I too had the same feelings and reservations you have when I joined 10 yrs ago and I can tell you it was the best thing I ever did. I cant tell you how basic training is these days since I went but I can tell you it will challenge your mind and body. Like Tanker said you will come out of there so proud of yourself and you will be part of an organization that gets alot of respect. Keep in mind though that joining these days is not like before 9/11. The furthest thing from my mind when I joined was when im gonna deploy to combat. Today that is yet another decision you have to make when joining are you ready to deploy. Basic training only gives you half that courage the rest you have to come up with on your own. I have been deployed to Iraq 3 times and 1 to afganistan and I can tell you it never gets easier but I am happy and proud to serve my country. I see that you posted this sometime ago so im not sure if you joined yet or not but if you do and you know you are ready for the challenges we are happy to have another person on our team.

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    And an FYI:
    The Army sends their recruits to Basic Combat Training (basic for short)
    The Marines/Navy sends their recruits to Boot Camp.
    And I'd advise you to remember which is which 'cause I'd hate to see what the Drill Sgt would say if he heard you refer to HIS/HER basic training as Boot Camp.

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