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Thread: READ THIS FIRST - Joining the Army

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    Exclamation READ THIS FIRST - Joining the Army

    Here you will find answers to many of the questions you may have about joining the Army. READ THESE THREADS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS! You may be referred back to this thread if you ask a question that's already been answered.

    Joining the Army
    Ask questions of our resident Recruiters.
    Integrity, honor, and honesty are some of the key values of Soldiers. Read and heed.
    This thread discusses whether crimes you have committed will show up on a background check.
    For those planning to bitch\moan\complain about the fact that they've made mistakes that preclude them from military service. Read this first.
    The be-all end-all regulation for Recruiters, this will answer many questions for prospective recruits.
    Post regarding the age requirements for joining.
    A detailed post on applying for Officer Candidate School.
    Information on the Warrant Officer program from one of our resident Warrant Officers.
    The Green to Gold program is for Enlisted Soldiers that are considering ROTC.

    Training (BCT, schools, etc.)
    Questions and answers about Sappers and Sapper School.

    Basic Combat Training (BCT) Tips
    Basic Training tips from Fort Benning's Sand Hill.
    Master post for ship dates and BCT locations - connect with other people going to the same BCT as you.

    General Information
    Some information regarding interest rates.
    General advice from an experienced Soldier.
    Videos and Internet links about life in the Army (BCT, garrison life, etc.)
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