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Thread: Looking for some extra advice on enlisting and MOS/jobs

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    Default Looking for some extra advice on enlisting and MOS/jobs

    At the moment I have done my ASVAB and full physical, passed everything. I am now at the stage of picking a job.

    The problem is I am not really sure of which direction to go. He told me my GT score was 103 and other scores are high enough for all jobs expect for about 10. Some of the jobs I was looking at I had to enlist first he said then apply for that job.Like Counterintelligence agent.

    I am pretty open minded about most of the jobs, it is the same problem with college, got out of high school 2 years later (20 years old now) and I was still interested/curious on too many things.Mainly law,politics,financial,computer/technology ,but the EOD and special forces I liked too.My score was 7 points off for the EOD though....

    Also at the moment I have a job reserved on 13D - Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data System Specialist | GoArmy.com

    Can you tell me anything about it or maybe even suggest some jobs?

    Thanks for any help and advice!

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    I can tel you that 35L Counter Intelligence Agent does not have the option for initial entry. It is reclassification only and at a minimum E-5/SGT in rank. 13D is a good job. It will get you the technical skills to further your career. Once you get in you can take courses to help you raise your GT score so you can do EOD or SF if you want.
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