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Thread: Car price range?

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    Default Car price range?

    Not sure if this is in the right section, but I have a question regarding a used car.
    I'm shipping off to basic this friday and just wanted to know about payments, I know I won't be making that much money.
    I have a truck now, but it gets horrible gas mileage, horrible. Parents are suggesting that I buy a car.
    The truck is paid off by them but also has a lot of cosmetic problems, but it does run strong, but because of the cosmetic problems it wouldn't make sense to trade it in. So I'm looking for a car, a dependable car that will last me quite a while, not just a beater. I'm thinking of a price around 8k with a 2k down? Any one have suggestions? I did the calculations and I would spend about ~270 a month, car payment plus insurance.

    Thank you in advance.

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    When do you plan on buying it?

    You wont have much need for a car in training.

    Just my personal opinion here, but you are probably better off saving your money and buying one with cash when you get to your duty station(assuming you are going active). It's easy to save money in the military, especially in training. From there you can pick up a newspaper and check out what's being sold for cash. You would be surprised at the kind of deal you can get from people when you are dealing with them face to face. You kick the tires, take her for a spin, get the sellers hopes up, and then pretend like you are backing out at the last minute, lol. I have purchased good and dependable cars for half price using this method. Sometimes you can purchase one on post from somebody who is deploying and just wants to get rid of it.

    It's just better to wait until you have been in a few years before getting locked into any loans. After a few years of being in you have more pay, probably better credit, and you have learned what NOT to do from watching others. Like avoiding the snake oil sales persons camped outside every US Army installation.
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    Thank you for the advice, much appreciated. Yeah I'm going active, I was planning on buying around once I get to my duty station or if I assist my recruiters.
    I'm from around Fort Rucker, I would feel more comfortable buying a car around there.

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    If you get stationed in Europe, they have lemon lots (just a term) to buy used hoopties for cheap. You can buy a decent car to last you a three-year tour for 1500-2000 dollars.
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    Definitely wait until you get to your first duty station. If you get stationed overseas, you can buy a cheap car over there and sell it to another soldier when you leave. Wait and save up as much as you can and try to pay cash if you stay in the states.
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    All good advice. One more thing - stay away from the used car lots outside the gates. They make their living selling cars that are way too overpriced to young Soldiers. A private sale is the way to go - and like the Chief said, almost every base has a 'lemon lot' where Soldiers can sell cars - which many do as they're being sent overseas.

    Good luck!
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