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Thread: Education requirements?

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    Default Education requirements?

    Hey guys, I have a basic question, I dropped out when I was 16 (stupid move, I know) anyway, I would love to enlist in the Army, always have but I'm pretty sure you need at the bare minimum a G.E.D to enlist, is this true? I've told by a few military guys that I know that the Army always has recruited dropouts its always been 'hush-hush', any truth to this?

    That's the only thing that I can see that would stand in my way of enlisting, I'm pretty fit, can pass a drug test and have no criminal record. I'm 18. I thought of asking here before wasting a recruiters time.

    Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    You must have a HS diploma or GED or if you have 60 college credit hours or more. Nothing less and there is no "Hush-Hush" option.
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    Ok, thank you for your reply.

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    Default Can not join with a GED!

    My DH was told to go get his GED so we did and the day he went to sign up they stoped taken ppl with GED. You can have one if you have 15 college credits. So i'd get your HS diploma if you can.

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    The Army also has a program in which they help qualified applicants obtain their GED.

    Here is the link.
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