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Thread: Trying to join with past mistake

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    Default Trying to join with past mistake

    So I had a brief phase with marijuana from 2009-2010. In this time, I got one paraphernalia ticket, and later obtained my medical recommendation (I live in Colorado). The medical recommendation expires next month and I don't plan to renew, as I have stopped smoking and am no longer experiencing what I was prescribed for (very minor back pain from when I was a little overweight, but apparently it was enough).

    I know the paraphernalia charge in itself requires a waiver, which I also know they aren't really giving out these days. I talked to a recruiter and said that I can get around it by joining the National Guard and transferring to Active Duty after six months. The army recruiter I talked to specifically said that the national guard recruiter was specifically looking for people like me, but I have yet to talk to him. I will this week though. My dream is to eventually serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment, but will the medical recommendation also cause issues if I'm up front about it?

    I really regret my time smoking weed, I'm not touching the stuff again and will not piss hot or anything like that. Is there still a chance I could achieve my dream?

    EDIT: I should also say that I took a plea deal for the misdemeanor charge, which was expunged. I know that it still shows up, but does that help at all?
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    It can be extremely difficult to transfer from the Guard or Reserve to the Active Army. At this time they are taking very few such transfers, and you have to be in the right rank and MOS, or go 18X, Special Forces Candidate.

    Your paraphernalia charge is not seen as a ticket - it is seen as a conviction based on your plea. The Army has become very skittish about allowing anyone with a drug or drug related criminal history in.

    Still, you may be able to serve - talk to each of the recruiters (Active, Guard and Reserve), and see what they can offer you.

    Good luck!
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    The Recruiter that told you that must not be familiar or is very new in recruiting. First of all, you have to find out if the NG does marijuana/pariphenilia waivers, if they are then you can join them, but join b/c you WANT TO BE IN THE NATIONAL GUARD, not to find a "loop hole" in to the active duty side. Right now prior service applicants (as a NG Soldier you would count as one) can only have about 5 jobs (youmust already hold that job in the NG) to go active duty, and if they do NOT hold any of those then they can go Special Forces (which requires a security clearance which you would not be granted as easy if at all b/c of your charge).

    its a lot of info but you should just wait until we are processing those waivers then go straight to active duty, b/c I am telling you right now, that "loop hole" you found, its not going to work out like you think....

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    I am not a recruiter but I know the Army: When the US Mil really needs people because a Prezz has concocted up a war, or someone has attacked the USA, then all kinds of waivers are implemented for recruits short of being handicapped or an addict. But right now, unfortunately for you, there is no threat and a recession on top and so they have super duper applicants galore and simply don't even talk to those that don't fit into that pattern.

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