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Thread: Army wife considering joining Army

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    Question Army wife considering joining Army

    My husband is currently in the Army, an E-5 with MOS 35F. Ever since he left for basic 3 years ago I have wanted to join also. We currently do not have an children which is why i feel like if i'm going to do this I need to get the ball rolling now before we do have children. I had met with a recruiter before while my husband was in basic/AIT and I had a date that I was leaving for basic but my husband at short notice told me he did not want me to go so I didnt. Ever since I've been having an itch to go. My husband currently received orders to pcs to hawaii. I have been looking for jobs awhile and trying to figure out my college classes and have brought up again to my husband about joining. He says he has no problem with it if it's what I really want to do. It is something I want to do and I no there is a chance that we could not be stationed together and everything and I feel like if i dont like it and we don't get stationed together that I can just get out after my contract would be up. The main reasons I want to join is for the experience, paying for college and of course the steady second income is a bonus. Basically my two questions I would like opinions on are 1. is it as bad as some people make it sound? and 2. i recently read that your first duty station has to be CONUS and hawaii is considered OCONUS, would I be able to go there for my first duty station?

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    There have been civilian wives that have joined the military after their spouse did as well as dual military couples who married as soldiers. It is not a bad thing and like you said; since you have no kids; this is a good time to do so. Dont worry about being stationed together; just find out if you qualify and that you can get the MOS you desire. Once that is done; then you take it from there.
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    When joining you can/should sign up for the Army Married Couples Program - the Army will do its best to station you and your husband close together whenever possible.
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