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Thread: Do you need a security clearance to go to ranger school

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    Default Do you need a security clearance to go to ranger school

    Do you need a security clearance just to go to ranger school

    Can you just earn the ranger tab and not be in Ranger battalion or Ranger regiment

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    1. You have to be eligible for Secret
    2. Yes - much easier\more likely for Combat Arms NCOs and Officers
    3. Ranger Battalions are part of Regiment
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    How many times is he asking this clearance question?

    Do you need a secret clearance to cook?

    If you put a high-speed scope on your pistol, does that require a clearance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FutureSoldier1 View Post
    Do you need a security clearance just to go to ranger school

    Can you just earn the ranger tab and not be in Ranger battalion or Ranger regiment
    You need to have a security clearance level to goto the 75th Ranger Regiment, I dont know about "Ranger School"... but I would assume if you get an Opt 40 assigned to your contract, you will get a secret clearance protocol done on you before proceeding.

    "Ranger School" is a leadership and field craft military school run by the 75th and those whom pass "Ranger School" get tabbed with the Ranger tab everyone knows about. All it tells you is that the wearer went to and passed "Ranger School"... The regiment will then ask those they consider Ranger material (those whom they consider to have that little bit extra) to join them. The 75th Ranger Regiment consists of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Ranger Battalion. The regiment is the umbrella organisation for the battalions.
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    You need a certain level of a security clearance to enter Ranger School. I was an RI in the mountain phase, but that was in the 80's. It may have changed.

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    OP--out of curiosity why are you asking? Are you unable to get a security clearance or something? Honestly, getting a security clearance (at least a SECRET) isn't very difficult, just a LOT of paperwork to fill out. Actually, IF you have an opportunity to get one I'd recommend it, it can't hurt you you know.
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