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Thread: RE-3 waiver for Chapter 13?

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    Default RE-3 waiver for Chapter 13?

    I got out some time ago, and I'm really more curious about re-enlisting sometime in the future. I miss serving and would like to do so again someday. I served 2 years[enlisted], got a chapter 13 for PT failure(sep code JFT). RE-code of 3.

    If I walked into a recruiters office, what are my chances of getting a waiver to re-enlist? What about in five years? I realize the chances must be pretty low, it sure felt like they were trying to cut numbers, but is there even a SLIGHT chance?

    What if I got an engineering degree and ROTC? No change?

    Thanks for any who spend the time to answer. You guys probably get this type of question on a regular basis.

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    Merc... Im no expert, but places are tight.. I would say though, is that you would need to be in great shape and show a pattern of physical ability... running club for X years, gym for Y years... you need to show your recruiter that your reformation is permanent. I would say that a degree in engineering would only help.. I would however say that the aforementioned is my opinion only... recruiting criteria including waivers changes with the needs of the Army...

    Good luck and keep us posted

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    There is no way we can predict what will happen in 5 years. I stopped predicting what will happen in 5 months, lol. Shoot - 5 days.

    Contact a Recruiter. It's possible he has some suggestions for you. Then there's always the Reserve or Army National Guard. It's not full-time but at least you'll have an Army affiliation. The Reserve & Guard also have full-time positions - hard to get but you never know.
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    Thanks everybody for their replies, I guess I've got more exercise ahead of me

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    You need to go to a recruiting office with your DD 214 and find our if your RE-3 and separation code is waiverable. The challenge is that you did not complete your enlistment contract and that may not motivate a recruiter to work on your cause but it is worth a shot.

    Good luck.
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    Even if there are waivers you will need to pass an APFT before you can sign p.
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