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Thread: Urgent enlistment concerns

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    Question Urgent enlistment concerns

    I'm in the process of enlisting in the Army Reserve. Scheduled to go back to my recruiter tomorrow to look at available jobs, and I'm concerned about two enlistment procedures:

    1. I haven't taken PULHES yet. Everything I've read online seems to indicate this is administered at meps, before you search mos openings. I don't want to complete enlistment and be under contract only to find out I don't qualify for the spot I want. I'm in pgood health for a 26 year old guy, but I need glasses. And I'm not super buff so I don't know if I'll be scoring 1's or 2's... I go to the gym five days a week for 2 hrs.

    2. I have a shitty credit report. Don't have a bunch of maxed-out credit cards, but I've had stuff go to collections and some stuff remaining unpaid. In short I've done what I can with my credit but I can't improve it anymore right now, don't want to delay enlistment over it. My recruiter said she would get somebody to run my credit to see if I can get a clearance. Few days later she messaged me and said "I was cleared for a clearance" as long as [insert vague qualifications]. THE CONCERN is that she says I'm cleared for something, I pick a job like 37f or 35m, then halfway through training I get re-classed or discharged for not passing credit check!

    Please advise. My recruiter's having me go in tomorrow morning to search jobs... before these things are verified, it seems.
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    Firstly, congrats on a great career choice and welcome to the forum!

    On Credit, you will need to pay your bills and get your credit sorted.... remember the longer you leave it, the worse your credit rating gets... Its great that you are cleared, but dont take that as a get out of jail free card... the debt needs to be settled! Also, bad credit even passable as it appears now can restricted you from certain jobs you may want and also promotions down the line...

    Eyesight issues if cured with glasses should not be an issue in my view...

    Hope this helps and shoot with any more questions you may have...

    Keep us posted!!

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    PULHES is not a measure of your physical capabilities. It basically means you are physically qualified. If you need a waiver for some condition you will probably get a 2 rather than 1. Other than that, it has nothing to do with your level of fitness.
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    The question is do you have things in collection now. If so you need a letter from them stating that you are on a payment plan and making payments. Everything has to be entered in the questionnaire under the finance portion. This isn't like medical what ever comes out of your mouth. Law and credit are pulled. If you select a job that has a certain clearance you will sit down with a security interviewer. They will go over everything with you and decide if you meet qualifications for that clearance. They will also pull your credit right there on the spot while talking to you. It is not like you will be in training and they say you have to change jobs. What will happen is the job you picked with your recruiter once you get to MEPS if you do not qualify for it you will have to see what other jobs are available for you to enlist in.

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