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Thread: 1-1-1 Advice?

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    Default 1-1-1 Advice?

    Hey all. I'm going to take the Army's pre-fitness test tomorrow at 6:30AM. I don't think I'll have any problems especially with the running, but I usually workout in the evening. I was wondering what I should do to get my body in gear so I can preform at my best tomorrow. So other than getting a good nights rest what else should I do?

    My second question is about the push up portion of the test. A few weeks ago I couldn't even do 10 push ups. I worked my butt off and in just 2 weeks I was up to 20 (I'd say thats a mighty fine improvement). So being the dummy I am I started doing push ups everyday and not resting at all. Usually once every two nights I'd do 5 sets with 20 reps each and rest 3 minutes between each set. I'm guessing that my fatigued muscles finally caught up with me because at 80 or so push ups I went a pulled a muscle-tendon something in my arm. This put me down for 2 weeks. Now I've got to take the 1-1-1 and I'm wondering if I should push myself on the push ups portion or play it safe to make sure I don't re-injure my arm. I ship fairly soon so I think it might be a smart idea to play it safe.

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    Take a nice warm shower in the morning and some motrin as well. It is a 1-1-1, so its not a deal breaker. Just do the best you can and prep for BCT.
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    +2 to what the Chief said.. Also, its always a good idea to do exercise every second day when in preparatory training for the Military.. it allows healing and better conditions muscles and joints for endurance... and reduces injuries also..
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    Do as Chief and Exoc1 said above. If you do have time push yourself on the FST training and PT so you can get promoted. 2 keys to promotion if you didn't have ROTC is talk to your friends. You would be surprised how many join up after you leave and many did not know you even joined. That is one promotion. The second is the FST training and passing the actual Army PT test not the 1-1-1. These are easy promotions and extra money in your pocket while you are in basic and job training. Keep working out and good luck!

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    +1 to what MSGRetired said. There is no reason in the world that a recruit should enter the Army as paygrade E-1. The only exception is a fast ship after MEPS.
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