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Thread: Is this a good plan?

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    Default Is this a good plan?

    I am 18 years old and currently working towards my associates degree in automotive technology and to become ASE certified. After that I want to enlist in the Army and become a wheeled vehicle mechanic(91B). Is this a good plan? I want the Army to be my lifelong career also.

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    It sounds like a good plan to me. This is the time of year to contact a Recruiter because it's traditionally the slowest. You can have up to about a year or so from the time you enlist & the time you ship. If you're not that close to your associates degree then wait until you're about a year or a little more from graduation.

    Meanwhile there should be nothing stopping you from studying for the ASVAB & getting into good shape - good enough to be able to pass the APFT at the time you ship.
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    +2 to what MSG Glenn said.. I would say its a great plan if you want to stay working on vehicles as a career possibly working up the flagpole from there.. its also the quickest way into the Army... if you get your degree, have clean credit and get some recommendations, you might want to consider the Officer Candidate School (OCS) also.. the competition is fierce but if you succeed, you may never work on a vehicle in your career..
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