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Thread: LYING/CHEATING Your Way Into the Army

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    Post LYING/CHEATING Your Way Into the Army

    From this point forward any member suguesting to another member to Lie, Mis-lead, Not inform, Intentionally withhold or Cheat in order to enlist in the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserves, Army National Guard or any other branch of U.S. Military will receive "Warning Points", "Temp Ban" or "Full Ban" on these forums.

    If you feel you must instruct someone to lie either keep it to yourself or take it to the PM's. However ask yourself if you would want a "known" LIAR to be your "Battle Buddy"? Remember this is a public forum and for the most part you dont know who is on the other side of that computer screen and that person may be the one who you have to be responsible for sometime in your career. Example; If you tell so and so to "withold" he/ she had Asthma at anytime in their life and you are in combat and that soldier has an attack remember you will have to protect him/ her and at the same time get them and their equipment to safety and protect yourself as well. Now that simple "easy way out" suguestion has jeapordized you, your unit and the Army and perhaps our Freedom as we know it.

    There is no form in your entire Army Career from Prospect to Applicant to Soldier of any rank that states; You may not disclose information that you deem unimportant or that will disqualify you from X,Y and Z.

    The documents you will sign are precise, HAVE YOU EVER, not Do you feel that you ever, or anything inbetween. The Military asks these questions for a reason. To protect you from yourself as well as protecting others around you.

    The Army and every branch of the Military has Values.

    There is this Army Acronym known as LDRSHIP everyone in the Army and other Branches of Military Service eventually must learn, know and live or be discharged by no living up to this.

    Here is the breakdown for those of you that care to know it. The "I" in LEADERSHIP is the key to the title of this thread.

    L= Loyalty
    D= Duty
    R= Respect
    S= Selfless Service
    H= Honor
    I= Integrity
    P= Personal Courage

    Personally I would not want a known liar in my ranks because a liar will also steal and cheat when given the opportunity. Also the LIAR probably will be gone when he/ she is needed in a time of ergency.

    Ask yourself the below questions;

    Is any lie any less than another? (ie; the perverbeal white lie")- No a lie is a lie.

    Can you rely on a LIAR to be there to watch your back? NO

    Would you want to rely on the LIAR Soldier to watch your back? NO

    Would you want a known LIAR, THIEF, CHEAT in your young childs room left alone with your child or most valued possetion? NO

    If your Recruiter asked you "to lie or withhold information" do you think your Recruiter would also lie to you? 100% YES

    If you lie to enlist and something was to happen to you in your enlistment as a result of that lie would your family bring it to life? 100% YES

    Would your family want you to enlist based on a lie? I WOULD HOPE NOT
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