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Thread: Merry Christmas 2012

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    Default Merry Christmas 2012

    To all the Men and Women of our Army God Bless you and Have a safe and Merry Christmas
    From all of us of the 121st Assault Helicopter, The 336th Assault Helicopter, UN Navy HA(L)3 Assault Helicopter Light

    We're getting very thin now folks, so proud of all of you...

    Sleep Tight, your Air Force is awake tonight!

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    Thank you and same to you and everyone on this forum.
    Iraq/Afghanistan Veteran (OIF V & OEF X & XIII)
    101st Airborne Division & 4th Infantry Division combat vet
    Serving overseas

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    Nice hearing from you, Materene!

    Merry Christmas to you & everyone else!
    Proud Dad of a US Army Airborne Ranger SFC
    Retired US Army 1SG/MSG, Airborne Infantry, G-3, Instructor
    Former USN - Submarines, USS Chopper (SS 342) & Navy Diver, UDT 21
    I was a Soldier. I am a Soldier. I will always be a Soldier.

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    Merry Christmas to y'all..

    Best Regards

    p.s. I hope Santy brings ye something nice!!... I wrote my letter last October... I hope he got it in time!!... lol..
    Tenants of Bushido;

    ‘We should never obsess about if we are going to die, but instead focus on how we live as those whom live an honorable life will always die a glorious death.’

    Rectitude (義): Courage (勇氣): Benevolence (仁): Respect (禮 ): Honesty (誠): Honour (名誉): Loyalty (忠義)

    ...ergo veneratio est vires.

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