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Thread: RallyPoint - Social Networking for the Military

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    Default RallyPoint - Social Networking for the Military

    RallyPoint is a professional social network for the military (think LinkedIn). It's is in its (very) early stages, but I think this is a great idea. It's open only to verified (.mil) military, and graphs out your connections visually - i.e. where your contacts work, in what positions, etc.

    GEN(R) Casey, LTG(R) Freakley, and BG(R) Craig Nixon are all advisers, and the site CEO and COO are both former Army Officers.

    I think it looks like it will be very beneficial to growing your professional network, and they're big on developing a mentoring aspect as well.

    A few news stories about it:

    Business Lessons from Iraq: Post-War Military Networking | U.S. | TIME.com

    Quote Originally Posted by Time Magazine
    While historians will be debating the effect of the counterinsurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan for decades to come, the young officers and noncommissioned officers charged with carrying out those missions are returning home – and many are applying the business lessons learned overseas into entrepreneurial pursuits here.
    Two Vets Want To Make It Easier To Get Your Dream Post - Business Insider

    Quote Originally Posted by Business Insider
    "LinkedIn for the Military," they're calling it. RallyPoint, founded by Army veterans Yinon Weiss and Aaron Kletzing, would consolidate all the open positions in the armed forces, with information on who to contact.
    Just go to the link above to signup if you're interested.
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    Sounds good LT.. I can see it really taking off and the networking opportunities for serving and Vets will be huge... from employment to shootin the breeze with the brothers!!... Awesome!!..
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    very nice post

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    old post I know, but this looks interesting. I'll join.
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