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Thread: Im in the process of joining the Army

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    Default Im in the process of joining the Army

    hi i am in the process of joining the Army i took my practice test at my recruiters office i scored a 53 and he said that was a senior alpha score can anyone tell me what that means???

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    53 means that, unless you screw up at MEPS, you qualify to continue the process. The test at MEPS will be much longer and cover many more subjects. Click here for more info about the test.

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    It means you are a Senior at HS and scored 50 or above on the ASVAB, means you might qualify for more jobs than a guy that scores a 31...
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    Be careful with terms like 'Senior Alpha' that, to me, sounds really hyped up. Good job on the practice test, drive on and knock out all the rest, also do your research on whatever it is you're going into and don't be sucked in by a 'Senior Alpha' contract...
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    @ LoneStar... thats only the first one out, and focus cannot waiver from the incoming tests and evaluations...

    @ Landon... Congrats on a great career choice bud... onto the score which is good, but its only a first run out so stay focused... and have an MOS speciality researched with a plan A, B and C thought out on what interests you... options could pop out with that score and you should be ready to do better in the real one. Afterall, its your career bud, make sure you you understand whats out there MOS wise and whats good for you... higher score = more choice... Let us know if you have any questions..
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