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Thread: RAMSTEIN Air base

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    Default RAMSTEIN Air base

    Wow, I just came from there and witness the finished product of the largest BX/PX the military has. It has movie theaters just like the civilian ones back home. I just saw Iron-Man 2. Great experience.

    Ramstein Air Base - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Getting Around - GATEWAY

    Ramstein Air Base

    Ramstein, the largest US Air Force base in Germany, is not only the headquarters of the United States Air Forces Europe, but also the central airlift hub for the European Theater and a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) installation.
    As the headquarters it exercises day-to-day command and control over all USAFE units from Great Britain to Turkey. As the airlift hub it operates a gigantic passenger terminal to rival the ones at commercial airports. And it soon is to be the home of a huge shopping/community center, right across the street from the new passenger center.
    The base, located in the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz, opened in 1952 following construction under the provisions of a reciprocal agreement with France, which was then the occupying authority in this part of Germany.
    Rheinland-Pfalz, in the southwest corner of Germany, is the country's main wine growing region and also the location of its largest unbroken stretch of forest, the Pfalzerwald.
    The air base is part of the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC), home of more than 52,000 Americans and the largest American community outside of the U.S. Ramstein, Kapaun and Sembach are the predominately Air Force communities within KMC. Other elements, mainly Army, are Vogelweh, Kleber, Panzer, Daenner, Miesau, Pirmasens, Rhine Ordnance Barracks and the Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center.
    As a NATO installation, Ramstein has Canadian, German, British, French, Belgian, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch military personnel in addition to the Americans.
    The base's beginnings are colorful. Its construction came as no surprise to the local inhabitants who were no strangers to airpower. The Luftwaffe had converted a section of the local autobahn into an airstrip at the beginning of World War II. The airstrip was also used by the advancing U.S. Army Air Forces during the final months of the conflict.
    When it opened in 1952, the base served as the home for the 86th Fighter-Bomber Wing and its fleet of F-84F Thunderstreaks. For a while Ramstein was headquarters of the Seventeenth Air Force, but that headquarters moved to nearby Sembach Air Base in 1972 to make room for United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Headquarters, which moved to Ramstein AB from Lindsay Air Station, Wiesbaden. Ramstein had a major change of mission in 1994, when it switched roles from a fighter base to an airlift one.
    The handling of passengers and cargo switched there from Rhein Main Air Base, making necessary the construction of the new passenger terminal. Features of it include automated luggage handling and passenger bridges for boarding planes right from the terminal. It also has air conditioning, dining and shopping facilities, a children's play area and a TV lounge.
    And it is right across the street from the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center (KMCC) project, now under construction. This spectacular facility will provide a 350-room hotel and entertainment, recreation, banking and travel services for base personnel and their families. It will also be the location of the largest Exchange (BX/PX) ever sponsored by the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES).
    The host unit at Ramstein is the 86th Airlift Wing, whose commander also serves as the Kaiserslautern Military Community commander. Also residing at Ramstein is the 435th Air Base Wing, which focuses on base-support responsibilities within the KMC.
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