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Thread: How to obtain a waiver - RE code 3

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    Default How to obtain a waiver - RE code 3

    I was granted an honorable discharge with an RE code 3 around 3 years ago. I'm a realist so I'm not expecting anything to come of my efforts, but I'm not one to throw in the towel without exhausting all options.

    My RE 3 was given in reference to being mentally unstable. I had an fight with another soldier on deployment that had it coming for a long time. That's a whole different story, and isn't the focus of my question, however it is pertinent to it.

    I've spoken to a number of recruiters over the last year trying to find out what steps I can take to gain a waiver. To say that the overwhelming majority of them are unwilling or downright refuse to give me any help is to put it mildly. I'm starting to lose patience with the prospect of a recruiter giving me any kind of help at all. I feel like most of them don't even want to look at me.

    If anyone can give me advice or a general direction to take in the matter I will be most appreciative. I more than know that my chances are slim of getting back in the service, but if I don't make an effort I will have betrayed myself in this respect.

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    We have active duty recruiters on this forum that can provide advice. We all know that right now it is not a good time for prior service to come back in and their enlistment options are very narrow. Good luck

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    Good to see our Chief is as professional as ever, and hasn't lost his sense of humor. LOL.
    Congratulations Night, Welcome to the team and back into the game, different department, agency, the same game. You'll roll over your days and be golden. Welcome back to the continental breakfast highway, lol. - Del The S**t.

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    I wouldn't hold my breath trying to get back in the Army, Buckwheat. It's unfortunate but I've found that things you did in then past always come back & bite you in the ass.

    Wait until a Recruiter gets back to you but you might have a better chance around Christmas time when Recruiting is traditionally slow. It might not matter when it comes to getting a waiver, though. The Army won't necessarily lower its standards at that time but you never can tell.
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    Recruiters are often "unwilling" and "downright refuse" to work with people that are disqualified, I always get calls from people that want a recruiter to help them out because the recruiter they talked to did not want to help them...come to find out, THEY ARE DISQUIALIFIED!! thats why the other recruiters dont want to work with you.

    Now you say you got an RE3 for "mental" issues, but then you say that it was related to a fight....so, if your discharge was due to misconduct, you CANNOT join the Army...what is your separation code?

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