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    woa Glenn that sounds real cool! What kind of places do you go scan?

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    I'm sorry - I missed papachop's post also. He posted about the same time I did I I probably thought mine was last but here goes -

    Papachop -

    I have a female virgin Siberian Husky. No pups. Never will either. She's going on 13 so she doesn't have much longer. I took her to the vet yeterday & he said that he wouldn't give her the whole lab, exam, etc. deal Went from $300 last year to $82 this year. Bought just enough heartworm pills to last until fall at $9 each. She got her distemper shot & that's all. She's healthy & that's all the vet cared about. If she comes down with anything the disease probably would take longer than he life expectancy anyhow. He didn't even charge me for the office call. Her grandmother or grandfather, possibly both, were Ididerod sled dogs. She's extremely strong & big for her gender, about 75 lbs. I'm glad she's well over the pullingf stage.

    Jared -

    I normally go to public county parks around here. I've done a lot of research on them & a few were used as marshalling camps for the Civil War. They'd get enough men in a draft & put them on the train going south. Meanwhile they'ed be camped there, losing things. The soldiers that were with them are the most interesting. I've found buttons & belt buckles from soldier's uniforms.

    If a person knows where the people picnicked in the old days, not necessarily the same picnic areas used today, he can find old silver money. I found a clearing in the woods that looked cool & shady so gave it a try & came out with a handful of silver coins (silver was used before 1964) , some from the 1800s.

    Also in the county park that's the closest to me, about a mile away, I found a copper arrowhead. The copper was dragged down by the glacier from Upper Michigan. When the Indians found it they realized that they could make things out of it. I also found a copper scraper. Both were estimated to have been made about 3000 years before Christ. The latest date would be about 1000BC. Old! think I was there when they were made! This park was known to have been a prehistoric Indian village.

    I'd love to be able to detect the State Forest a half mile away but it's verboten. You can have your detector & car confiscated if caught. There's a lot of history at that park that I'd sure like to uncover & dig up! I'm good friends with the Forest Ranger & he said if he finds a way for me to do it he'll let me know. It'd be fun even if the State wanted everything I found. The thrill of the hunt is the main thing.

    See what you get when you ask questions about metal detecting & treasure hunting??!! Be warned!
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